Ezra Academy

75 Rimmon Road
Woodbridge, CT 06525

P: (203) 389-5500


Ezra Academy's mission as a preschool - 8 Schecter Day School is to educate Jewish children within a nurturing community to become independent, lifelong learners, committed and knowledgeable Jews, and responsible, caring citizens.

Educational Philosophy

Ezra Academy's challenging academic program recognizes each student's talents and individual learning style. Our creative faculty draw from the best of progressive and traditional educational practices.
In our integrated curriculum, Judaic and general studies are woven together, in thematic, spiral curricular units. Students discover the interrelationships among subject areas and continually build on what they have already learned.
Ezra's nurturing environment gives children the confidence to take risks and fulfill their intellectual potential. Our child-centered educational philosophy respects diversity and opposing points of view, always mindful of students' social and emotional development. We value collaboration but also independent study; experiential learning as well as close textual analysis; and creativity and artistic expression along with rigorous logical thinking. Our multiplicity of approaches help students become capable, adaptable learners. We immerse our students in critical, socially-engaged learning relevant to our modern, global age.
Ezra's multi-age classrooms help us make our educational vision a reality. 

Why Jewish Day School?

Some parents are looking for a Jewish Day School, while others research all kinds of schools in an effort to find the best fit for their family. Often this second group is surprised to find that Ezra Academy stands out for the overall academic excellence, individual attention, small class sizes, and community that we offer.
The ancient Jewish traditions of intensive, collaborative text study and critical thinking are beautifully suited to our modern age. Ezra Academy’s expert teachers adapt these approaches to different grade levels and subject areas.
We offer a dual curriculum that blends and weaves Judaism across all academic and creative endeavors. In this cross-disciplinary approach, Judaism enriches all aspects of learning.

A dual curriculum strengthens both knowledge and values, in Judaic as well as General Studies. Our students receive a sound cultural foundation while accelerating learning in all academic subjects. Above all, this approach to learning promotes ethical and moral identity development in each individual child.

“Ezra doesn’t just offer a great academic education, like math and science. The dual curriculum offers so much more, like text analysis, culture and language.” - Ezra parent
“To me, Judaism is more than just a faith. It’s thousands of years of rich cultural traditions, history and wisdom. So much of that knowledge was taken away from generations in our family; I wanted to give that back to my children and continue the education that skipped several generations.”- Ezra parent