Community Impact Grant Application 2023-24


The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven has instituted a new impact grants process that aligns with the 2020 community strategic plan. Through our relationships with hundreds of donors, the Federation raises the funds to meet the critical needs of our community.  The grant process enables the Federation to invest in new projects, programs, and initiatives from agencies, synagogues, Jewish organizations, and individuals to strengthen our Jewish community by addressing the following community key priorities:


  • Jewish Education

  • Caring for the Vulnerable

  • Enagagement Opportunities


The goals of this new grant-based funding process are to:


  • Unite our Jewish community, embracing diversity and strengthening relationships through shared values and goals.

  • Empower Jewish journeys through learning and immersive experiences that create meaningful moments in Jewish life.

  • Maximize impact by building bridges amongst the entire community to foster a robust Jewish community and encouraging collaboration between Jewish organizations to maximize resources.

  • Advocate as a voice of the collective Jewish community.

  • Enhance the quality of life in Greater New Haven by engaging unaffiliated members of our community to ensure Jewish continuity.

  • Support creative and impactful community programs that nurture and advance Jewish values.


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Review our Grant Proposal Guidelines for 2023-24



Notes from our Impact Grant Informational Meeting (1/20/2022)


Info Session Recording

Recorded live on Thursday, August 10



August 1, 2023

Grant proposal submission period opens

September 8, 2023

Grant proposal submission period closes

By October 15, 2023

Applicants to be notified of funding decisions

February 2024

Check-in with Robyn Teplitzky to discuss project

April 15, 2024

Midyear report due

June 2024

Check-in with Robyn Teplitzky to discuss project

July 31, 2024

Final report due


The Jewish Federation is proud to announce the 2023 / 2024 Community Impact Grants have been awarded to eight collaborative programs this year.


As part of the strategic planning process, there was an increased request from many organizations to fund creative partnerships to strengthen the impact across Greater New Haven. The goal is to build sustainable collaborative programs to educate, engage, and expand our Jewish community. The requirements to request seed money to develop new initiatives include collaboration, long-term impact, and positive change in our Jewish community.


The 2023 Impact Grants have been awarded to the following: 


Colors of My Jewish Year 

Beth Israel Synagogue, Wallingford, in collaboration with Quinnipiac Hillel and local area libraries will offer a series of creative, interactive educational programs for children ages 3-8 to provide meaningful, Jewish, experiences for affiliated, unaffiliated and interfaith Jewish youngsters in the greater Wallingford area.


Judaica Project 

The New Haven Jewish Historical Society in collaboration with Quinnipiac Hillel are creating a series of monthly programs hosted by JHSGNH. Rabbi Reena Judd will present programs on thrifted Judaica and the history, religious significance, and ritual use of different types of Judaica.


PAVE; JCC Café as a Social Enterprise (PAVE) 

A community partnership between Jewish Family Services, the Towers, Chapel Haven Schliefer Center, the Jewish Community Center has been established to engage  residents at Chapel Haven to learn vocational skills at the newly re-opened Center Café.
Chapel Haven's PAVE (Partnership for Achievement through Vocational Experience) program will provide several Chapel Haven residents with a supervised internship opportunity. A professional from the JFS staff will provide training and the food will be delivered from the Towers catering.


Safe Spaces for Grieving and Healing

Jewish Family Services is providing a program in collaboration with the Towers to engage different groups of people in our community to incorporate Jewish values and traditions as a part of their reinterpretation of life after loss.  Adults of any age, going through different types of losses, living anywhere in our community can virtually participate.


Jewish Aging Mastery Program

In order to address the growing needs of the elderly, the board of directors of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven established a new Jewish Seniors Task Force to assist the elderly in our community. In partnership with Jewish Family Services, this project builds empowerment, connection, and belongingness opportunities for and by aging adults.


PJ Gives Back 

A true collaboration of learning between Ezra Academy, Beverly Levey Learning Center at the Jewish Community Center, Jewish Family Services with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven PJ Library is creating a new initiative to provide a series of events to educate young families about Jewish responsibility, social justice, and acts of kindness. Each planned experience will unite families with interactive activities to feed the hungry, help those in need, and promote literacy.


Community Meal Delivery: Harnessing Volunteers for Community Connection

The Towers has initiated a Kosher Shabbat Meal delivery program. Those who are identified by Jewish Family Services, local synagogues, and the Jewish Community Center as more isolated, at-risk, or in need of community connection will be the recipients of this program. The goal of is to provide vulnerable older adults to be more socially connected, more Jewishly connected and educated about resources they made need through referral by providing a consistent volunteer visitor with a Kosher Meal. This initiave will provide an opportunity for social connection and broader referrals to those in need. It is a way to educate the community about events, resources and assistance, in a very personal way.


Uniper Technology to Reduce Isolation for Holocaust Survivors

Jewish Family Services of Greater New Haven in partnership with the Hartford Jewish community will institute a communication program for home-bound elderly to ensure connection.



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