20 2015

Portal Between New Haven and Tehran

8:00AM - 12:00PM  

Yale Art Gallery 1111 Chapel Street
New Haven,

Come participate in A Portal Between New Haven and Tehran, hosted by the Yale University Art Gallery from Friday, February 20 - Sunday, March 1 between the hours of 8AM - Noon EST.

Portals are gold shipping containers equipped with immersive audio-video technology. Individuals enter one at a time and can speak with a person in the other location as if in the same room. Simultaneous translation is available.

We would love to have you and members of your organization participate in a 20-minute conversation with a person in Tehran. You can either speak to a stranger in Tehran, or, if there is a particular person or issue you are interested in, we could arrange a specific dialogue for you. For example, we could connect you in dialogue with an artist or academic in Tehran in one of your areas of interest.

If you are interested, please do let us know or RSVP directly at www.SharedStudios.com/RSVP.

In December 2014, the first Portal linked New York and Tehran in conversation and numerous members of the Yale community participated including Dean Robert Post, Dean Robert Storr, professor Keller Easterling, professor Amy Chua, professor Jed Rubenfeld, alum Fareed Zakaria and artist and alum Titus Kaphar. In just two weeks, more than 650 people from Tehran and NYC participated in 15-minute discussions about “What would make today a good day for you?" They came out giddy, weeping, and everything in between.

Portals was created by artist and Yale Law student Amar C. Bakshi. The goal is to add more Portal locations from Havana to Herat creating a network of interlinked containers. More information is available at www.SharedStudios.com.


1111 Chapel Street, Yale Art Gallery
February 20 - March 1, 8am to 12pm

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