Welcome to the all-new jHaven!



Whether you’re interested in volunteering, learning more about your Jewish heritage, networking socially and professionally, or all of the above, plus more, jHaven has something to offer you.


This group represents the next generation of Jewish leadership. Our community's young professionals have the means and the energy to affect change, both locally and globally.


Network with other young professionals and young families and make connections with both new and old friends. Participate in hands-on volunteer experiences with other young leaders within our local communities. This dynamic and engaged group ranging in age from 22-45 meets regularly for social outings, educational programs, volunteer opportunities and more.


To learn more about jHaven events, contact Derek at dholodak@jewishnewhaven.org and/or join our mailing list and Facebook group, below.




Upcoming Events



All jHaven programs and events are open to adults between the ages of 22 and 45(-ish).