What is JScreen New Haven? 

Jews are at a significantly higher risk for carrying life-threatening genetic diseases and hereditary cancer gene mutations, and the only way to identify carriers is to perform genetic testing. JScreen New Haven is a public health initiative that provides detection for preventable hereditary cancers & Jewish genetic diseases. JScreen provides education about the prevalence of both reproductive & cancer-causing genetic diseases and offers connections with relevant resources. Through home mail-in kits and subsidized costs, JScreen New Haven makes screening accessible to all.

*Donations to JScreen New Haven can be made as a designation through Women's Philanthropy

Our tradition teaches us that the preservation of human life, in Judaism called "pikuach nefesh," takes precedence over all the other commandments. Studies consistently showing that 2 in 3 Ashkenazi Jews is at risk for carrying a genetic disease that could impact their future children. Making these kits available and empowering our local Jewish New Haven Community members with information about their carrier can save lives.


Cancer Genetic Screening


Ashkenazi Jews are at increased risk to have mutations in certain cancer genes, and about 10% of all cancers are hereditary. You may want to consider cancer genetic testing – even if you are healthy – because the results may alert you to possible cancer risks before symptoms develop. Those who test positive may take steps to prevent cancer from developing, or to detect it at an early, treatable stage. Click here to learn more about cancer genetic screening through JScreen.

Reproductive Genetic Screening


The Jewish community is at a higher risk for carrying certain genetic diseases including Gaucher Disease (1 in 16), Cystic Fibrosis (1 in 27), and Tay-Sachs (1 in 30), among many others. Reproductive carrier screening can help determine an individual or couple’s risk of having a child with an inherited genetic disease. Click here to learn more about reproductive genetic testing through JScreen.

Thanks to the generosity of the B Foundation, Women of Vision, JScreen at Emory University and generous donors, the program fees have been waived for the Greater New Haven Jewish community. 

Use code "NEWHAVEN2022"
to receive the following discounts:


  • ReproGEN reproductive genetic screening: $0 (normally $149

  • CancerGEN cancer genetic screening: $0 (normally $199)

  • ReproGEN and CancerGEN combo: $0 (normally $299)

*Program fees listed are based on individuals who provide any health insurance information (regardless of coverage or deductibles).


For more information, contact Robyn Teplitzky or JScreen.

How to get screened:


  • Use code "NEWHAVEN2022" at checkout.


  • Be sure to open all secure email communications from JScreen and follow the instructions provided.


  • When all information is received, a kit will be shipped to your address.


  • Collect your saliva sample and send it to the lab using the pre-paid packaging provided.


  • Receive your results in 2-4 weeks via a telehealth appointment with a genetic counselor.

Who qualifies for subsidized screening?


Screening through JScreen New Haven is available for all individuals and couples living in Greater New Haven and seeking knowledge about their genetic risks. This includes individuals with a known Jewish background, those who are unsure of their Jewish ancestry, all denominations, interfaith couples, and LGBTQ+ individuals and couples. The reproductive screening is for individuals ages 18-45 and the cancer genetic screening is for ages 21 and up.


Click here to request your screening kit with JScreen New Haven.


Designate a gift to JScreen New Haven through Women's Philanthropy and help save lives by providing detection for preventable hereditary cancers and genetic diseases.


Need other support or resources? Reach out to Robyn Teplitzky or JScreen.


JScreen New Haven is powered by The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven and our generous donors.