This year’s commemoration honored the conscience and courage of the more than 2,600 heroes who rescued Jews from the Holocaust in Ukraine. The primary focus was the story of Kateryna Sikorska, a young widow who was put to death by the Nazi regime for her life-saving acts, and her three young daughters who assisted her and survived.



  • Testimony from Kateryna’s granddaughter Iryna, who is working to raise funds to restore the historic synagogue in her grandmother’s home town, Pidhaitsi, Ukraine.

  • Reflections by Young Adult Author, Marsha F. Skrypuch, who spoke about her youth novel “Don’t Tell the Nazis” inspired by Kateryna’s story.

  • Comments by Marlene W. Yahalom, PdD., Director of Education, American Society for Yad Vashem

  • United States Senator Richard Blumenthal presented a U.S. Senate Certificate of Special Recognition to Iryna, which she received on behalf of her grandmother.


The Community-Wide Commemoration of Kristallnacht is presented by Congregation Or Shalom with support from the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven. Thank you to our community partners, the Connecticut ADL, and the Or Shalom Men's Club for their ongoing support of this annual program.



BONUS: "She Paid the Ultimate Price: A Documentary" by Iryna Korpan


In advance of the program, we encourage you to watch a documentary film about Kateryna, embedded below, which is entitled “She Paid the Ultimate Price.” The film was produced and directed by Kateryna’s granddaughter, Canadian filmmaker Iryna Korpan, and is available to watch on YouTube as well.