Campaign Update - PoolPak - May 17, 2014

Two months ago I told you about that first meeting I attended with the JCC ‘swimmers’. The fundraising activity, the 36 PoolPak Challenge, that came out of those early meetings will take place this coming Sunday. It’s been a slow process, but this week it looks like it is coming together. The list of contributors to the event and to the capital campaign continues to grow and there are so many people on the list whose names I have never seen before. We always say that the JCC membership is very diverse, and so is this list. There are a lot of plaques up around this building, most with familiar names. There are a lot of new names on this one. We go into the weekend having raised about $107,000 and we know (we’ve been told) there is a lot more coming in the next few days.

Ahead of Sunday’s all-day swimming event, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with our two chairpersons: Rabbi Michael Farber and Melanie Wolfe. Getting to know these two have been a great source of joy. Enough can’t be said about the two staff people who have been instrumental in making this happen: Amy Kemler at the pool and Allan Greenberg, who runs the Health & Physical Education programs here. Allan, with his almost 40 years of being a staff person, knows everyone and tells some great stories about them as well.

Also on Sunday the Jewish High School of Connecticut will be holding its annual gala fundraising event. I mention this because long-time member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Jo-Ann Price and the legacy of her parents Leo & Libby Nevas, will be honored. This is important to me because Jo-Ann’s family was instrumental in the forming of my own synagogue (Congregation Beth El) in Norwalk and their continued support means so much. It is said that the first discussions took place at her grandparents’ kitchen table, and our Religious School is named for them (Navasky). Congratulations and thank you Jo-Ann.

I hope that maybe I will see some of you on Sunday at the pool. If not, perhaps you will join us at Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy on Tuesday 5/20 for a phone night.


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