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Federations Surpass $800 Million Mark for Israel Relief

Jewish Federations of North America drive to provide emergency relief to Israel following Hamas's brutal October 7th attacks have surpassed the $800 million mark. Out of $806 million raised by Jewish Federations, $410 million has been allocated to the most pressing needs on the ground throug…

Jewish Federations Mourn the Passing of Former Senator Joe Lieberman z"l

Senator Joe Lieberman was a true trailblazer and represented the hopes, aspirations, and ideals of the Jewish community in the United States. As the first member of the Jewish community to run on a major party presidential ticket, he broke barriers and showed us what was possible, and alway…

Statement on Evan Gershkovich detention reaching one year

This week marks a year since Russia detained journalist Evan Gershkovich under ridiculous espionage pretenses.


Today, a Russian court extended his detention for another three months.


These absurd allegations should be dropped and Evan should be returned to his family and community …

Federations Help Farmers in Israel Get Back on Feet

Jewish Federations of North America have pledged to support the farming communities of Western Negev through grants up to $12.5 million to urgently replace equipment destroyed and looted by Hamas terrorists, allowing them to resume farming in time for the spring planting season. 


Jewish Federations React to FY 2024 Minibus

The federal 2024 Fiscal Year minibus released Thursday contained many appropriations of importance to the Jewish community. 

Nonprofit Security Grant Program 

One of the top priorities for Jewish communities is the Nonprofit Security Grant Program (NSGP), which helps houses of worship…

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