Jewish Federations Unveil Major Analysis of Needs of Partners in Ukraine

Jewish Federations of North America unveiled a major analysis of the emergency needs of the dozens of relief organizations they are supporting in Ukraine, projecting a total of $99 million in needs through the end of December.

The needs are broken down into humanitarian relief in Ukraine, rescue and aliyah operations, aid for refugees in neighboring countries, resettlement and integration of refugees and strengthening the regional Jewish community. In addition to their core partners The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) and World ORT, Jewish Federations are supporting dozens of other organizations providing critical rescue and relief to Ukrainian refugees of all backgrounds.

$62 million of the total needs of this next phase has already been raised by Jewish Federations and their partners, leaving a deficit of $37 million in needs through the end of the year. Jewish Federations also identified $9 million in needs for Ethiopian aliyah and humanitarian support.

The breakdown of the needs for Ukraine aid are as follows:

Total Needs Amount
Urgent Relief in Ukraine $44,094,566
Urgent Relief in Other FSU Countries $11,818,629
Ukraine Rescue and Aliyah $24,417,016
Resettlement and Integration of Refugees $16,989,346
Strengthening the Regional Jewish Community (FSU) $2,643,333

The Wilf Family Foundations announced a $5 million pledge towards this next stage of funding for Ukraine aid, which comes during the last week of Mark Wilf’s tenure as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Jewish Federations of North America.

“It has been a true honor to serve in this role and witness the incredible impact of Jewish philanthropy to improve the lives of vulnerable populations from all backgrounds, from people in our own neighborhoods to individuals in need around the world,” Wilf said. “I feel blessed to be able to offer this pledge on behalf of my family during my last days as Board Chair, understanding the enormity of the needs in Ukraine along with the tremendous impact of philanthropy to transform lives.”


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