In desperate call, heads of global Jewish institutions urge for compromise

This morning, heads of the national institutions of global Jewry sent a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Opposition Leader Yair Lapid expressing their concerns over the growing polarization within Israeli society resulting from the proposed judicial reforms, and urging for immediate compromise.

"We, representatives of the National Institutions and World Jewry, partners in outlining the future of the Jewish people, wish to express the concern of the entire Jewish people and aspire to strengthen the foundations of our national home."

They said, “This week, on the eve of Tish'a Be'Av, when we remember the painful memory of the destruction of the first and second temple, we are at a point of great polarization and discord in Israeli society which we must find a way to overcome.” They continued, "We must place the wellbeing of the entire Jewish people before us, moderating the discourse and the verbal radicalization and striving to reach agreements."

They concluded, “We urge you to make use of all the tools available to you in order to find the broadest common denominator, for the sake of Kiruv Levavot within Am Israel. Together.”

The letter was signed by leadership of Jewish Federations of North America, The Jewish Agency for Israel and Keren Hayesod. Together, the organizations represent millions of members of the Jewish community in North America and in communities around the globe.

In March, Jewish Federations led a remarkable 24-hour fly-in to Israel to express their concerns to Israeli leaders over aspects of the judicial reforms and to urge for compromise under the auspices of President Isaac Herzog.

To read the full letter click here.



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