Jewish Federations Respond to Advance of Reasonableness Law

In response to the Knesset’s vote earlier today on the Reasonableness Law, Jewish Federations of North America issued the following statement:

“The Jewish Federations of North America are deeply pained over the growing polarization we have witnessed in Israeli society as a result of the judicial reform process. We are also extremely disappointed that the leaders of the coalition moved ahead with a major element of the reforms without a process of consensus, despite the serious disagreements across Israeli society and the efforts of President Herzog to arrive at a compromise.
Our everlasting love for and commitment to the Jewish State and people of Israel transcend any policy or government action. It is clear that the work of building our Jewish State continues, and the Jewish Federation system renews and affirms its commitment to this work. We will continue to support the organizations and individuals who are helping to unite Israelis and to build the institutions of civil society that will allow the diverse populations of Israel and global Jewry to live together in peace and harmony and to resolve our differences respectfully.
We urge the coalition leaders to suspend any further unilateral changes to the judicial reforms, and urge all parties to return to negotiations under the auspices of President Herzog.”


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