MK Yair Lapid, Chair of the Yesh Atid Party

We thought that this deal would be bad, it’s even worse. This is a bad day for the Jewish People, a bad day for the State of Israel and a black day for the world. From this moment on, I am mobilized to work with the US Congress in order to explain to them the need to link the lifting of sanctions to true verification and supervision of Iran’s nuclear facilities. What is written in the agreement is not supervision or verification, it’s a farce.

I informed the Director-General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dore Gold that I will help, with all my strength, Israel’s diplomatic efforts abroad against this terrible and dangerous agreement.

Beginning today, I will reach out to the news media and our friends in Washington to explain Israel’s position, especially on the matter of verifications and sanctions.

I will continue to express my (legitimate) criticism of Netanyahu’s failed approach to this process but only at home and only in Hebrew. In the United States and Europe, I am completely committed to the campaign against this agreement.

[Translated from Lapid’s Facebook page]


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