MK Zehava Galon, Chair of the Meretz Party

Everyone needs to take a deep breath, dedicate time and read and understand the details of the agreement. It is clear that Iran has a nuclear program and I do not at all question the fact that a nuclear Iran is a threat, and that Israel, like the rest of the Western World, must use all means to prevent Iran.

…Instead of becoming a part of the international community’s solution, Israel became part of the problem… We do not belittle Netanyahu’s position [that the agreement will bring Iran closer to an atomic bomb and upset the regional balance], but the whole world opposes an Iranian bomb and the Americans are not naïve. Obama believes that the deal will contribute to world peace, serve American interests and strengthen Israel’s security.

The deal is not perfect... but it’s hard to buy Netanyahu’s central argument that it would be better to let Iran continue galloping toward a bomb without a deal than reaching this deal.

[translated from Galon’s Facebook page]


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