NAJL to Join Jewish Federations Family

Jewish Federations of North America are proud to announce that the National Association of Jewish Legislators (NAJL) will join the Federations system as part of the Public Affairs team. 

Jewish Federations are the backbones of our Jewish communities and have advocated on behalf of the community’s interests on the local, state, and federal level for decades. As the threats of antisemitism and anti-Zionism have continued to surge, these relationships and connections have only grown more important. 

“More and more, we see the fight to protect Jewish communities and the policy actions needed to make them flourish take place on the local and state level, which is why we are so excited to welcome NAJL into the Jewish Federations fold,” said Karen Paikin Barall, Vice President, Government Relations, for Jewish Federations. “NAJL has an excellent reputation and track record at engaging and organizing Jewish legislators to represent our community’s perspectives.” 

Founded in 1977, NAJL is a national, nonpartisan network and forum for Jewish state legislators, representing over 240 Jewish state legislators from across the country in nearly 40 states. With NAJL’s support, Jewish legislators across the nation have been an active force in fighting anti-Semitism and serving as Jewish voices in our state capitols. 

NAJL also promotes support for Israel, promotes Jewish values of civility, inclusiveness and tolerance, and encourages a new generation of Jewish Americans to run for public office and engage in electoral campaigns. 

"When legislators need to act on issues of importance to the American Jewish community, Jewish Federations are always ready to assist them. That’s why we are so excited to join efforts and forces,” said NAJL Executive Director Jeffrey M. Wice. “The infrastructure we have built over the years to boost Jewish legislators at every level of government will be an extraordinary tool in the Jewish Federations’ growing advocacy arsenal, and we look forward to fully integrating our efforts.” 



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