Opposition Leader Isaac Herzog, Chair of the Zionist Union party

In the next few days we will study and learn the agreement that was signed at noon time in Vienna. However, the picture that comes out of Vienna is extremely disturbing and worrying as it relates to Israel’s security and regional security as well. From an Israeli viewpoint, the agreement that was signed with the Iranian kingdom of terror is a dangerous agreement. Iran is a state that funds, supports and enhances terror throughout the world and the region. It has deceived the world for years as to its intentions and activities…

This agreement is bad for Israel’s security in the future… and bad tomorrow morning. And as it comes to security there is no daylight between me and the Prime Minister of Israel…

Despite our differences and the criticism that we have as to Mr. Netanyahu’s activities and decisions in this process, I have updated him in the last hour that we as a responsible opposition are fully mobilized this very moment for the wellbeing, security and safety of the State of Israel... in light of this new situation.

I’ve discussed in recent hours with our friends at AIPAC and other bodies in the United States, and I intend to go out there to speak and meet with relevant people and organizations in order to explain the inherent risks entailed in the agreement to Israel and the region at large and to demand that Israel receive the full-fledged military and security umbrella that will keep its qualitative and military edge in order to be able to challenge the risks entailed in this agreement and further challenges coming out of this agreement in the near and long-term future.

Link to full statement (in English at 2:16).


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