Pres. Wain's Blog: Amazing event BreakTheHate-New Anti-Semitism on Campuses

Ken Marcus, President of The Brandeis Center for Human Rights, spoke this Sunday to BBYO and the community about the new anti-semitism on campus. Do you know the 3D Test that define anti-Semitism from just a negative political view about Israel? Double Standard, Delegitimization and Demonization. We all need to stand and speak up when we see anti-Semitism!

After the talk the high school students met with UCONN Hillel leaders and students to discuss all aspects of being Jewish on campus. Kudos to Linda Cedarbaum, Jay Brotman, Barbara Ravski, Elaine BraffmanReena Seltzer and Eileen Bronan for organizing this terrific program.

(Left Picture) Josh Cohen BBYO Area Field Director with Tyler Pepe Associate Regional Director of BBYO. (Right Picture) Algom Be-Horn Jewish Agency Israel Fellow at UCONN and Josh Squire Development Intern at UCONN.

Timothy Bonavita and his team taping the talk to put on the Federation website to enhance our services to our  community. In the evening the Cardoza Society had a private meeting with Ken Marcus where the legal intricacies of campus issues of anti-Semitism were discussed.


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