26 New Funds Established in 2018

Build a Tzedakah/Youth Philanthropy Funds

   Asher Hootnik Tzedakah Fund

   Zoe Paige Fleischman Tzedakah Fund

   Jaden Nathaniel Labowe-Stoll Tzedakah Fund

   Ana Sirota Tzedakah Fund in Honor of Oliver Stevens

   Ryan Jacob Schatz Tzedakah Fund

   Hannah Pearl Mervine-Schiff Tzedakah Fund

Donor Advised/Family Philanthropy Funds

   The Alan J. Cohen Charitable Fund

   Gary and Patricia Ginsberg Family Fund 

   Iny and Joel Karp Philanthropic Fund
   Maddy and Larry Tannenbaum Family Fund
Designated Funds
   Dr. David S. Fischer Family Fund for Jewish New Haven
   Fran Burger Philanthropic Fund
Designated Funds for the Towers
  Beatrice Briener Fund for the benefit of the Towers
   Louise and Irwin Epstein fund for the Benefit of the Towers
   Robert Katz Family Fund for the benefit of the Towers
   Vivian and Richard Kantrow Fund to benefit the Towers
   Donna & Sidney Levine Fund to Provide Food Assistance for Those in Need at the Towers
   Genevieve “Ginny” Nishball Endowment Fund for Horticulture
   James M. Shure Fund for the Towers in Memory of Beverly Levy
   Nathan Sokoloff Fund, endowed by Heidi & Tracy Saxe, for the benefit of the Towers
Designated Fund for the Jewish Cemetery Association
   Barry and Hyla Vine Family Endowment for the benefit of JCAGNH
Designated fund for Temple Beth Sholom
   Elliot S. Alderman Memorial Fund for the Benefit of Temple Beth Sholom
Designated Fund for Connecticut Valley Region BBYO
   Kenneth and Mara Ginsberg Family Fund for the benefit of CVR BBYO
Designated Fund for Jewish Family Service Food Pantry
   Barry and Hyla Vine Family Endowment for the JFS-Food Pantry
Designated Fund for Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven (PACE/LOJE)
  Lindy Lee Gold Lion of Judah Endowment
   Hyla Goldberg Vine Lion of Judah Endowment Fund



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