regardless of religious or secular affiliation, is that what happens is not always in our control. It is what we do with the suffering, how we learn from it, what we choose in the moment, and if we are able to see that moment as good, that counts … and to quote myself, gets us to the “sparkly life!”


The world, or our lowest level of the [I]nfinite is represented by the ground or a plane, usually some green form of grass, though it can be other colors. The tsimtsum or contracting of [I]nfinite energy to reach this lowest level of the worlds, or plane is represented by golden cross hatchings. Vessels or buckets are drawn from a vascular vessel and can represent an (i)ndividual in communication with another or (i)n communication with oneself.

There are many representations of vessels in indigenous cultures including Judaism. The Tanya speaks to the two sides of the heart the yetzer hara and the yetzer tov, or a more negative and more positive flow of information and blood. This works for me in the most applicable therapeutic knowledge of the positive and negative cognitions. In Anatomy of the Soul, Rebbe Nachman also relates blood flow to suffering. If I’ve gotten too off topic or spiritual for you, Chinese Medicine does the same (Kaptchuk, 1947).

The stone represents humility and the ability to be moved. Stones are literally alive and change shape in the wind, rain and earth. It is our ability to be in the present, as well as to be moved by our environment that is actual life and creativity. I do not know that any one of us can argue complete control over our own lives. Plants both as flowers and as small red dotted plants represent growth. 

Whether we believe in Gd or not, there is the action that we take, and then the happening, or life that meets us in the middle. The meeting, and how we handle it, is the magic of the sparkly life. I look forward to going on this spiritual, emotional, and sparkly journey with you monthly! Please write a note to me about something you are going through, no more than 200 words, and allow me to help you visualize it. 








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