AT THE JCC Exercise is good medicine

What if you were told there was a drug that . . .

— Reduces your risk of breast cancer and recurrence risk by 50%

— Lowers risk of colon cancer by 60%

— Reduces risk of Alzjjeimer’s by 40% — Reduces risk of heart disease and HBP by 40%

— Lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes by nearly 60%

— Works as effectively as certain medications for depression

Would you be interested in taking it? Well good news – there is! It’s called physical activity! With the new year upon us, you may be contemplating a resolution to lose weight and start a regimented exercise program, using the scale to determine your success. I suggest you avoid that mindset.

Wow! A health and fitness Coach saying to forget the diet and scale?! Yes!

Instead, replace that dated mindset by focusing on your health, eating wholesome foods, managing stress and being more active. Move more and sit less. Find activities you enjoy or at least don’t dread, so that you can be consistent.

The Mayo Clinic physical activity guidelines for adults include 2-5 hours of moderate activity spread out throughout the week. In addition, muscle strengthening at least two days per week. It has been well known that older adults at risk of osteoporosis help control or prevent that from happening with weight bearing exercise. Better balance, more energy, improved breathing, and a happier disposition can all be achieved when you become and stay active!

If you find this a daunting task, our JCC seasoned fitness and wellness staff can help. Call for a free wellness consultation at *Statistics source: Dr Edward R. Laskowski, M

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