Popular Self-Care Method: Melt™

An acronym for Myofascial Energetic Length Technique, MELT™ is a method of self-treatment providing therapy for the body’s connective tissue known as fascia. Under the direction of a certified Melt Method Practitioner, practicing Melt has been proven to improve flexibility, provide relief from chronic pain, and can facilitate a natural balance and state for the body.
Created by therapist Sue Hitzmann, drawing on the cutting-edge of neurofascial science and proven manual therapy practices, this groundbreaking self-treatment utilizes bodywork techniques that support health, fitness, and quality of life.
How It Works:
The body is ‘held together’ by a series of this connective tissue surrounding all the muscles and providing support for joints. This system of fascial tissue also carries many nerve endings which can trigger a sense of tightness, discomfort and often pain. Through a series of precise techniques – using specialized soft foam rollers and small balls – MELT rehydrates the body’s connective tissue allowing a gentle release of tension while calming the nervous system.
Melt also improves flexibility as it restores the elastic qualities of the fascial tissue that surrounds all muscles, bones, and joints. By rehydrating on a cellular level, the Melt Method works to reestablish the unique fluid quality throughout the body, also providing greater support and range of motion at the joints.
The Four R’s of  MELT™ include:
  • RECONNECT: Identification of any imbalance in the body to target and assessments to help foster a strong connection between body and mind.
  • REBALANCE: Techniques to focus on the nervous system, diaphragm, and ‘NeuroCore’ to facilitate proper functioning organs, leading to improvement in balance and stability.
  • REHYDRATE: Improving fluidity to relieve tension that causes muscle and joint pain.
  • RELEASE: Decompression of the joints commonly afflicted with pain leading to a significant reduction in physical pain, along with a decrease of accumulated stress in the nervous system releasing emotional stress.
According to Certified Melt Method Practitioner Betsy Bell-Osterholm, “The Melt Method practice can benefit all body types, ages, and activity levels. My clients often see significant improvements in mobility, energy level, pain management, and even improved sleep!”
Contact susand@jccnh.org for a free session at the JCC and experience the benefits as you gently melt away your aches and pains!
Susan Donovan
Director of Wellness & Group Ex
JCC of Greater New Haven
203-387-2424 ext 265
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