Bar Mitzvah Puts Caring for Others at the Top of HIs List

Robert Farbman, a seventh grader at Amity Middle School in Bethany who became Bar Mitzvah at Temple Emanuel in May, has dedicated his mitzvah project to JCARR, the Jewish Community Alliance for Refugee Resettlement. Over the last few months, Robert spent time with a Syrian refugee family sponsored by JCARR, playing with the children and helping to improve their English skills.  Additionally, thanks to the incredible generosity of his community, friends and family, he raised more than $3,000 for JCARR. This significant contribution will help JCARR welcome its next refugee family, tentatively scheduled for early fall.  Robert has also raised over $2,500 for Temple Emanuel’s prayer book fund.
Congratulations, Robert, and thank you for your dedication to JCARR and your synagogue!
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