Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy Opens Its Doors This Fall

After months of careful planning, two highly regarded private Jewish schools in Stamford have announced their merger.

The Boards of Trustees of Bi-Cultural Day School, a national pre-K through grade 8 Blue Ribbon School, and the acclaimed Jewish High School of Connecticut, recently joined forces to create one comprehensive academic institution that will provide students with a unique continuum of education.

The newly formed Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy of Connecticut — the only school of its kind in Connecticut— opened its doors this fall. At least initially, each school will continue to operate at its present location.

The new Bi-Cultural Hebrew Academy reflects the shared missions and values of its two core schools, both of which are comprised of vibrant student bodies steeped in Torah values and a love of Israel; dynamic, evolving and innovative curriculums; reputations for academic excellence; legacies of service to community; and passions for passing on the beauty of our Jewish heritage.

The merger also lays a solid foundation for the future of Connecticut’s Jewish community by instilling in families considering a move to the area the confidence that their children will have convenient access to a topquality, well-rounded education.

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