Bret Stephens to Speak at Jewish High School of Connecticut’s Gala

On Sunday, April 30, supporters of the Jewish High School of Connecticut will hear from Bret Stephens, a member of the Wall Street Journal's Editorial Board and writer of "Global View,” the paper's popularly read foreign affairs column.

"We are thrilled to have Bret join our school's annual gala,” commented Geff Erickson, Chairman of the Jewish High School Board of Trustees. 

"When not much older than our seniors, Bret became the editor-in-chief of the Jerusalem Post. Since then, he has won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary, served as the Wall Street Journal's deputy editorial page editor and has authored a book on the dangerous tilt to isolationism in American foreign leadership policy,” added Erickson.

"Unabashed and direct, Bret Stephens calls out observations about the Middle East in simple and compelling words," added Erickson. "The talk on April 30 will blend his real life as a Jerusalem resident and his up to the minute 2017 insights."

Erickson observed that, "Bret's focus on the imperative to create and sustain policies that promote a safe and secure Israel is well aligned with the focus of JHSC. His talk will resonate with the hearts and the heads of all of us in the audience on April 30," said Erickson.

At the Gala champagne brunch, the school will also recognize two leaders in youth advocacy and the successful growth of young adults, Dr. Andrew and Elizabeth Lustbader.

"Andy and Elizabeth were with us on day one, at the first parlor meetings in living rooms like my own, when this school was just a dream," said Randie Weseley, the co-chair of this year's Jewish High School Gala. "Their commitment to the growth and well-being of young adults is exemplified in Andy's long career in both pediatrics and psychology and in Elizabeth's high school counseling career," said Weseley. 

"Andy was an active founder and serves on our Board of Trustees. Elizabeth has counseled our juniors and graduating seniors as they pursue next steps in their academic journey," said Weseley. "My own family learned first-hand of Elizabeth's empathy and insights as our daughter, Talia, was a student at JHSC."

The Jewish High School Gala brunch is at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, April 30, at Temple Beth El in Stamford. Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are available through the school website,, or by contacting Sarah Rich, (203) 357-0850,


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