Caregivers Also Need Care and Support

by MiriYam Judd
The stress that family caregivers feel is not understandable to those unfamiliar with this role. While caregiving can have numerous rewards, it can be easy to forget about the emotional, physical and mental well-being of the person providing that care.
Our community created a special new group just for those in caregiving roles. The Community Caregiver Group offers meaningful connection, an opportunity to recharge, and ways to find balance while caring for a loved one.
The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, Jewish Family Service of Greater New Haven (JFS) and the Towers at Tower Lane are proud to fund and offer a Community’s Caregiver Group.
"The demand of being a caregiver is 24/7,” said Liz Davenport, a licensed social worker who facilitates the group. “You don’t really just …stop being a caregiver. There is often constant concern and worry, which takes a toll and can lead to isolation."
These meetings, hosted by The Towers, provide an opportunity for caregivers throughout our community. Those attending expressed gratitude for being given a safe space to voice their feelings. "Many participants said, 'I’m glad that we’re doing this, I’m glad we’re here,' " Davenport explained. "They said that it was the first time they’ve been able to have this kind of conversation. They were grateful to have an opportunity to share their experiences with those who could really understand."
"We are delighted that The Towers could partner with JFS to deliver this much needed program," explained Jennifer Bayer, The Towers’ director of development and community relations. "Reducing social isolation, providing meaningful connection, educating the community and helping people live their best lives is at the heart of what we do. We are grateful that the Jewish Federation generously supported this joint venture and partnership."
Dr. David Hass, chair of the Jewish Federation’s Planning Allocation Committee, sees this new group as an opportunity for Jewish agencies to work together. "We love to support projects that allow for collaboration in the Jewish community,” he explained. "We want to provide an efficient use of our funds, to foster relationships between Jewish agencies that otherwise might not have the chance."
The meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month. They will be held on January 8 and February 12 at The Towers in New Haven from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. A light kosher meal will be provided. Dates for future months will be announced in the coming weeks.
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