Chabad of Westville Presents: Meditation from Sinai

New Haven, CT- This winter, Rabbi Chanoch Wineberg of Chabad of Westville will offer Meditation from Sinai, a fascinating new six-session course by the acclaimed Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI), exploring the nature of Jewish meditation and the profound benefits it can bring to one’s daily life.

For special early bird pricing - Register at before Jan. 20th. Beginning the last week of January, participants in the course will discover what Jewish meditation is, the pivotal role it plays in Jewish tradition, and the fundamental ideas it is based on. The course will teach crucial life tools that help us respond effectively to negative thoughts and emotions, recognize the value of each new moment, and find purpose and spirituality
even in life's most mundane tasks. “Not many people think of meditation as a Jewish thing, when in reality, Judaism has a rich and authentic tradition of meditational practices that, when implemented, can truly transform one’s life for the better.”

Meditation from Sinai unveils Jewish meditation and mindful awareness as the bedrock for a meaningful life. This course synthesizes extensive research from both the spiritual community and psychological research, forging a practical path to fully realizing life’s potentials.

Course dates:

In-Person Classes; 6 Mondays - 01/31, 02/07, 02/14, 02/21, 02/28, 03/07
Virtual ZOOM Classes; 6 Tuesdays - 02/01, 02/08, 02/15, 02/22, 03/01, 03/08

Tough to plan so far ahead? Try the first class FREE with no commitment. PROMO - First

This course is designed to appeal to individuals at all levels of knowledge, including those without any prior experience or background in Jewish learning. The course will be offered in-person (Monday evenings) as well as over Zoom (Tuesday evenings). Sign in information will be provided upon enrollment.

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Limited scholarships are available. To request a scholarship and for other course-related information please contact Rabbi Chanoch Wineberg at 203-479-0313.

Continuing Education credit is available for mental health professionals. Meditation from Sinai is accredited in CT for mental health professionals seeking to fulfill their continuing education requirements (CEU).

Course Overview:

The Surprising Powers of Jewish Meditation
This lesson introduces the concept that meditation is actually an authentic Jewish practice and plays a key role in Jewish life. In this lesson, we explore some of the foundational underpinnings of meditation and how it can be harnessed as a practice to overcome negative feelings and produce positive ones. Taking this a step further, we learn the spiritual power of positive meditation to shape reality.


Reflecting Inward to Find the Divine

This lesson will expose students to the notion of Elokus within everything in the world. In this lesson we will learn about the soul’s innate spiritual sense and how to harness it through meditation to sense a spiritual depth to reality and find deep meaning in every experience.


The Benefits of Divine Closeness

This lesson explains how awareness of hashgachah peratis can help reframe our lives. G-d is often perceived as distant and spirituality as static. This class will demonstrate that G-d’s presence dynamically animates all of existence and is purposefully guiding all of reality. This awareness will guide students to develop a Divine consciousness, and it will show how that can be effective in adding joy, resilience, and purpose.


The Purpose and Power of the Present

This lesson will explore the practical side of the idea of his’havus temidis. We all relate to the struggle of feeling scattered and distracted. Through meditating on the perpetual nature of creation, this lesson will present a revolutionary depth to living in the present moment with mindful awareness that is about recognizing the value of each moment as an end in and of itself.


Reframing the Routine

This lesson is an examination of bechol derachecha da’eihu. Most of our time is spent on the mundane grind of daily life. This lesson will explore how meditation can reframe every part of life and inject profound spiritual meaning into even the most mundane activities. With the proper mindset and intention, simple behaviors like working, eating, and sleeping are transformed into purposeful and spiritually significant acts.

The Influences of Meditation on Practice, and Practice on Meditation In Judaism, meditation is not just an ascetic practice; rather, it is harnessed in the real world through practical mitzvot. This lesson will explore the two-way relationship between mitzvot and meditation: meditation and intention lend purpose to the mitzvot, and mitzvot elicit meditative effects and are a form of meditation themselves.

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