Coming To the Promised Land: Jewish Immigration and New Haven

Recently, with immigration so prominent in the news, we are reminded of our experience. We were, not so long ago, a group of immigrants, one of many such groups over the years, still making our way to America. The mission of the Jewish Historical Society of Greater New Haven (JHSGNH) is to collect and preserve historical records and to document the history of the New Haven Jewish community. Our collection consisting of thousands of items is archived. Ten volumes of “Jews in New Haven” have been published by the Society and may be purchased. Join the JHSGNH at a catered luncheon featuring our archives, at noon on November 17, 2019 at the Ethnic Heritage Society Building, 270 Fitch Street, New Haven. All are invited and urged to participate. Bring your memorabilia and family stories experience to share. Judith Schiff, Yale Chief Archivist and founding member of the Jewish Historical Society will lead the discussion. If you have interest in researching ancestors who arrived by way of Ellis Island, instruction on using the web site will be available. Tickets: $15 per person. Make check payable to JHSGNH, P.O. Box 3251, New Haven, CT 06515. Questions? or (203) 392-6125.

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