Community update - December 13

Today is Tuesday, December 13 and we are one full week since the fire that left our building closed to the public. Since that time, we have been overwhelmed with love and support that has come from near and far- from every corner of our Jewish community, from non-profits, government officials, schools, other Federations and beyond. Members of the community have come out in droves to roll up their sleeves to first help us transition Yeladim and after school to B'nai Jacob and now to help with what comes next. To all of you on behalf of our community I offer our thanks.

And now we are on to the next chapter. As our staff has worked feverishly to maintain service and programs we have been looking to relocate to temporary space for our fitness and administrative/program activities and staff. We are hopeful that we will announce more news on that today.

Many have asked how you can help. Right now one of the ways you can make an impact is to support the Jewish Federation's annual campaign with an increased generous donation. When we selected this year's tagline "Because it's always something...that's why there's Federation" we never could have imagined that one of the somethings would be a fire in the heart of our own community infrastructure. But the line is so true. We must keep our Federation strong day in and day out, year by year so that we can respond to anything. Because, it's always something.

With my deepest appreciation for all,
Judy Alperin Diamondstein 


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