COVID-19 Jewish Community Update: 3/12/2020

Dear Community Members,

Unfortunately, each new day brings an ever-changing landscape of Coronavirus response. Fortunately, we have a strong and tight-knit caring community that will work together (although at least 6 feet apart!) to ensure that we make the best decisions possible with the best interests of everyone in mind.

Beckerman-Lender Jewish Community Building & JCC Programs
Today we began a deep cleaning of the entire facility using cleansers recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection Agency.  Follow up communications were made with updated information regarding the family who is presumed positive for Coronavirus’s activities and building use to alert those who participated in Sunday morning toddler tumbling class and the parent toddler swimming class of possible exposure.

We continue to follow our policy of maximum transparency and appreciate the positive response from community members during a time of high anxiety.

While our program staff was busy cancelling or postponing activities and events planned in the next few weeks, they also participated in a planning call to brainstorm creative ways to keep our community connected during times we may not be able to congregate,  through online activities.  A calendar is in the works and I want to thank everyone for the optimism and creativity.

Currently our building is closed through Sunday, however, we will be carefully monitoring the situation and working with our healthcare and governmental partners to determine when we may re-open.

As a reminder, if you were in our building recently and have started to exhibit symptoms, please let Judy Alperin know-

Greater Jewish Community Update
Earlier today, Ezra Academy and Jewish Family Service made the difficult decision to close their facilities.  Ezra has been preparing for this possibility and is shifting into an online learning platform.  JFS has also planned in advance for the arrival of the virus and is working to ensure that the needs of clients are met.

Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy has suspended classes.  Teachers will report tomorrow for online class training.  The school community will be updated after the weekend.

The Towers has enacted it’s protocols to keep our most vulnerable population as safe and healthy as possible.  As of today, outside guests may no longer visit residents in their apartments or common spaces.

Congregations have been actively communicating with their members and many programs and classes have been cancelled.  Some are offering in person worship while others have opted for live streaming of services.  Please check your congregation’s website for more information.

We will continue to keep abreast of community responses and challenges.


Judy Alprin, 

Chief Executive Office


Scott Cohen,

JCC Executive Director


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