Ditch the Resolution and Choose Better Health!

By Susan Donovan, JCC Director of Wellness Services, JCC of Greater New Haven

If you find yourself making the same resolution year after year that never make it to the end of January, it’s time to stop setting yourself up for failure. Instead, decide what is important to you and, even more importantly, why. Set yourself up for success by making a choice to move more, eat less (or eat healthier), and take better care of yourself and your body.

Here are some reasons to better define your ‘why,’ and how your body and health will change for the better when you incorporate a consistent exercise or activity habit:

You will get an instant energy boost! Movement gets your blood flowing, delivers oxygen throughout your body and makes you feel energized and alive!

A phenomenal stress management tool, studies show that people with mild or seasonal depression can benefit from regular exercise to boost their mood. Anxiety is better controlled when you have a physical outlet.

Muscle and bone strengthening! In addition to improving bone density, weight bearing activities also help balance which can prevent injury and falls.

And that extra blood flow to the brain helps to keep you mentally sharp!

Moving your body is also a great way to stay regular as it stimulates movement in the intestinal tract helping to move waste out of the system.

Need to shed those extra pounds? A regular exercise program along with healthy eating is the safest, most effective way to lose or manage your weight. A great metabolism booster that you cannot get from diet alone.

Remember consistency is key. Plan and schedule your exercise or activities, and commit to it without getting discouraged if you miss one. Most of all, remember why it’s important to you.

Need help getting started? Contact me for a free wellness consultation at our JCC Fitness Center. 

For more info, contact Susan Donovan, susand@jccnh.org, (203) 387-2424 X265



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