Easy Hanukkah Crafts for Families!

By Emily Kurz
JCC Youth Programs & Family Events Coordinator

It’s that time again, the days are getting shorter, the evenings get colder, and the kids spend less and less time outdoors. Here are some simple but fun crafts that you can do with your children for the Hanukkah season.


Edible dreidels

Hershey Kisses
Mini pretzel sticks

1. Unwrap chocolate kisses.
2. Use icing to “glue” the marshmallow on top of the chocolate kiss
3. Stick a pretzel stick through the top of the marshmallow
4. Decorate the body of the marshmallow with sprinkles—using the i cing as “glue.”

Hand Print Menorahs

Construction paper
Blue paint (washable)
Yellow paint (washable)

1. Assist child in covering hands with blue paint
2. Have child press painted hands onto paper, thumbs should overlap
3. Put one yellow finger print above blue fingers-either one at a time (each night) or all at once.

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