Excited Students Return to Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy

Shouts of joy and squeals of laughter could be heard through the halls of Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy (SCHA) as students returned in September to in-person learning for the first time since mid-March. Face masks, temperature checks, hand sanitizers and social distancing could not dampen the enthusiasm as administrators, teachers and students reunited after a long, tedious separation.

The children were excited to greet old friends and meet new ones. They were introduced to the staff members, teachers and counselors who will institute new, exciting extracurricular programs that have been planned for implementation throughout the school year.

In addition, SCHA’s administration reviewed the COVID-19-related guidelines and policies established by their medical board in conjunction with Dr. Amir Mohammad, Town of Orange’s health director. Social distancing, masks, desk-mounted plexiglass, HEPA filters and new outside classrooms are some of the newly introduced equipment and set-ups for this year.

SCHA has begun a student-advisor and mentoring program for their middle school students. Levi Alperowitz will oversee the Chidon Mitzvos, a worldwide mitzvah study program of Maimonodies Compilation of the 613 mitzvos, as well as the Tzivos Hashem Children’s Club throughout the school.

Rivka Miriam Brackman will call upon her many years of experience as a youth director for pre-teens to help initiate various enrichment programs for the girls. Theresa Pearce will direct the hands-on science enrichment for students in grades 3-8. She will also work with students who chose to enter the Connecticut Science Fair competition in the spring of 2021.

SCHA looks forward to a successful year of exceptional educational and social growth of their students in a secure and healthy environment.

Learn more about Southern Connecticut Hebrew Academy at schacademy.org.

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