Ezra Academy: Honoring Amazing Faculty and Staff

by Jessica Khazak, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Enrollment

Ezra Academy is delighted to honor the Ezra faculty and staff for their abiding commitment and contributions to the Ezra community with the 2021 Gala of Gratitude on May 2. This year, our teachers have adapted and met students with innovative approaches, warmth and a joy of teaching. The adaptations they’ve made lay the foundations for the students’ education future.

“While it has been a challenge maintaining distance, the children have been incredibly resilient. From sliding materials under a plexiglass divider, holding a book up to it, or using a dry erase marker to write directly on it to model a method for their partner, they have made it work! Providing each child with their own bins for personal materials has proven to be a wonderful opportunity to teach the children about responsibility and organization. It has provided them with a sense of ownership and pride in their work, and also helps to develop executive functioning skills. This is something I look forward to continuing in my post-Covid classroom,” said Beth Messina, the first and second grade secular teacher.

“In the fall we had a tent, and in the warmer weather we could sit in the grass— even on rainy days. Just being outdoors with our classes needs to happen a lot more. We also added two additional recesses to our schedule. These added breaks have been great for everyone,” expalined Liz Ball, the learning specialist and middle school math teacher.

“Each staff member has helped the others to feel welcome and accessible. We now have a weekly rotation for breakfast to give us all a boost. It’s a very supportive environment. Parents have also been extremely supportive, participating as a team to ensure the best educational, social and emotional outcomes for their children,” stated Rabbi Amanda Brodie, the social studies (7/8), Judaics (5/6/7) and language arts (5/6) teacher.

Please join Ezra Academy to honor the dedication and perseverance of our teachers on May 2. Entertainment will be announced.

Sponsorship opportunities and early tickets are available. Connect with Ezra Academy virtually via facebook.com/ezraacademy, the email list at info@ezraacademyct.org and upcoming community events.

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