Ezra Academy Students Celebrated Passover in a Special Way

For the past two weeks, students in 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Ezra Academy have been learning some of the histories of the African American experience in America. As part of their assignments, they had to contribute a reading or symbol for our Freedom Seder. The Seder was in memory of the one from 1969 commemorating the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The students combined our Jewish traditions with black history. Their seder plate was very special. Each of the symbols was represented by something else; maror, for example, was in the shape of a whip to remind us of the cruelty and bitterness of slavery. Charoset was represented by cotton, the material that made African American slaves’ lives miserable, just like the mortar that the Israelites used to make the Egyptian storehouses. They ended the seder by singing “we shall overcome” and acknowledging that there is still inequality for minorities in this country and we have lots more work to do for social justice and equality.



In the picture, students in 6th grade painted glass Seder plates focusing on unity. 


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