From Workouts to Wellness at the JCC

by Susan Donovan

Director of Fitness & Wellness Services

JCC of Greater New Haven


No longer is it working out just to lose weight and inches, or to change your physical appearance; wellness means embracing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. 

The buzzword of the decade, wellness requires addressing self-defeating behaviors and making sustainable changes that will support a happier and healthier lifestyle. An active process focused on behavior change and finding purpose to nurture healthy habits is the essence of positive change. 

So this year, I suggest you consider reframing your fitness goals. Instead of jumping on the diet bandwagon and counting calories, find ways to add healthier food choices and implement optimal nutrition. Choose to be less sedentary, finding ways to simply move more often during your day. When hitting the gym, add variety to your workouts and spend ample time on recovery. Find ways to better manage your stress and take time for yourself to do what makes you happy. And don’t discount the importance of sleep, as it plays an important role in whole health. ​

Get the support you need and let us be your partner in your wellness journey. Our JCC Fitness Department is now a Wellness Center that has seen some exciting changes and program additions to create and foster an environment capable of supporting and nurturing healthy habits. With a staff of credentialed wellness professionals including educated, certified trainers and coaches, holistic health professionals, therapists, corrective exercise specialists and a network of medical and occupational health professionals, we are here to motivate and inspire you!

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