Get ready for a summer of fun at JCC Day Camps!

Kids at the JCC Day Camps have a blast — thanks to 50 acres of outdoor space, a roster of fun activities, and a talented and dedicated staff who have experienced a rigorous staff training program in order to ensure that every summer is the best summer ever. In addition, the camp staff works with Mike Shanbrom the Federation's Regional Security Advisor to ensure the safety of campers and staff.

Activities include…music, nature, arts & crafts, low ropes, drama, dance, archery, sports and, of course, swimming in the camp’s beautiful outdoor pool. Plus, campers enjoy special entertainers and theme days, such as: Carnival Day, Israel Day and Maccabiah/ Color Wars, to name just a few.

Jewish values are woven into the fabric of camp life through daily activities. The concept of “tikkun olam”— of helping one’s local community and repairing the world—is central to Judaism. At JCC Day Camps, we bring that concept to life through volunteer work, acts of kindness and compassion, and tzedakah projects that our campers take part in.

To teach children their responsibility towards the community, campers participate in community service projects, such as bake sales, annual car wash, projects with seniors, food drives, campsite improvements, and more. As well as fundraising projects, such as Spread a Little Sunshine and Send a Kid to Camp Scholarship Fund.

Camp Director Debra Kirschner really sums it up when she says, “The amazing thing about camp is that it brings out the best in everyone. Families shouldn't send their children to camp because it is something to do...they should send their children to camp because it is the BEST thing to do!” In addition, says Deb, “Summer camp is about growth and accomplishment.” And the JCC Day Camps program is designed to do just that.

Staff and campers from many different backgrounds are welcomed warmly at the JCC Day Camps. Having a diverse camp body gives all campers the unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate different cultures. JCC Day Camps are for campers ages 4 to 15. The full-time program runs 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., with 8:30 a.m. early drop off. The 2023 season will run from June 26th until August 18th. Enrichment programs are also available after camp hours.

"It’s a great feeling to see how campers pay it forward over the years. Some have joined our CIT (Counselor in Training) program and eventually became incredible counselors and lifeguards,” says Debra. “Others continue to return each summer and work as specialists or even leadership staff. It is so rewarding to watch the transformation and know how passionate these individuals are about the camp experience."

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