Golda Meir’s Handbag

In 1972, Golda Meir made a visit to New Haven to visit her daughter Sarah Meyerson and her 6 year old grandson. This is the handbag which she carried on her visit to New Haven.

So how the story came about to the Jewish Historical Society is as follows:

Sarah was attending Yale University and her Mother Golda had made plans for a visit to see her family. At this time, her grandson was in the 1st grade class at Roger Sherman School in New Haven. Golda went to the school not only to see her grandson but she also spoke to his class.

While visiting New Haven, she did not make any political connections such as the Federal, State, or Municipal dignitaries. Her time was a simple time with her family with a family dinner at her daughter’s home.

As told to Marvin Bargar, Archivist for The Jewish Historical Society of Greater New Haven. From the Archives: The Jewish Historical Society of Greater New Haven.

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