Help Build a Sustainable Jewish Future: Hazon 2020 Vision Rides

Join Team New Haven in the 2020 Vision Rides (! The Vision Rides is for adults and children alike.

Help us reach 60,000 miles and $120,000 dollars by Giving Tuesday, December 1, for a healthier, sustainable and more equitable New Haven and world! There is no fundraising or distance minimum; this is an opportunity to come together and have fun.

As the Jewish lab for sustainability, Hazon is building a movement that strengthens Jewish life and contributes to a more environmentally sustainable world for all. Hazon offers immersive experiences that connect Judaism, food, farming and environmental education. Its programming is available to our broader community, including the Hazon Seal of Sustainability, diverse educational opportunities, and resources to support and grow student and adult leaders.

How does it work?

1. Track your physical activity: bike, swim, walk, wheel, dance, home routine, etc. (anything not in a car)
2. Ask others to join or support you: reach out to family, friends and colleagues to join or to sponsor you per mile

Funds go to Hazon, which will provide programming and resources to benefit Greater New Haven, and directly to us for sustainability work at our Jewish institutions.

There really are no barriers to participate. Anyone and everyone can—and should—join us to:

  • prioritize and motivate your emotional, spiritual and physical health;
  • come together in a safe way during this difficult time; and 
  • support sustainability efforts and address intersecting issues, locally and nationwide.

This work is deeply rooted in Jewish spirituality. In fact, our prayers open each morning with pure, euphoric praise for God’s extraordinary kindness and compassion for all of the world!

Barukh she-amar veha-yah ha-olam בָּרוּךְ שֶׁאָמַר וְהָיָה הָעוֹלָם
Barukh oseh vereishit בָּרוּךְ עוֹשֶׂה בְרֵאשִׁית
Barukh meraḥeim al ha-aretz בָּרוּךְ מְרַחֵם עַל־הָאָֽרֶץ
Barukh meraḥeim al haberiyot בָּרוּךְ מְרַחֵם עַל־הַבְּרִיּוֹת

Blessed is the One who spoke and the world came into being…
Blessed is the One who (continuously) performs the act of creation…
Blessed is the One who shows compassion to the earth,
Blessed is the One who shows compassion to all creatures…

Divine concern for the earth and all living things is woven throughout Jewish prayer. This intention takes root in our lives through the mitzvah to emulate each day the ways in which God is compassionate: “Just as the Holy One is called compassionate, also you should be compassionate” (Sefer haḤinukh, sidrah Ki Tavo, Deuteronomy 28:9). To see ourselves as part of creation, to amplify our compassion and care for the earth, and thereby each other, our sages beckon us to heed this call to bring more goodness into the world.

Through the Hazon 2020 Vision Rides, together as Team New Haven, we are imagining and building a world filled with compassion. Join or support Team New Haven at

Once on Team New Haven, it is super easy to upload your activity.

Under the age of 25? Get 50% off registration! Participate as a mitzvah project, recess or gym. Family and friends can use this as an opportunity to spend more time together, while giving back to the community at the same time.

This Sunday, Nov 29, at 2 PM, come out for a fun, safe, and supported bike ride as a community on the Farmington Canal Trail! Be with others and meet new people. All must register in in advance. Details for the event and registration can be found at

Last Sunday, Nov 22, the Jewish Teen Education (JTE) program, grades 8-12, took a hike at Sleeping Giant State Park as part of the Vision Rides, and it was a blast! To learn more about getting involved with JTE, please contact

Questions? Contact Josh Weinstein at, or (404) 245-1850. For additional information and FAQs, visit

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