High Holy Days Security Planning

Source: Secure Community Network (SCN)


With the High Holy Days just around the corner, Jewish institutions are reminded that security awareness should remain a priority focus of planning and preparations. Facilities that have instilled a sense of security consciousness into their organizations can remain open and welcoming, while maintaining appropriate levels of security preparedness, particularly during the busy High Holy Days period. Advance planning with local law enforcement, trained ushers and greeters, and situational awareness can enhance levels of security while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming, albeit secure worship environment. By taking appropriate security measures, synagogues can both communicate a message of security consciousness and preparedness to congregants and guests as well as project an image of a hardened target which serves as a deterrent effect.

Synagogue staff, security volunteers and greeters should be on the lookout for suspicious persons and/or activity around their facilities, particularly during services and other gatherings. Suspicious activity, persons and vehicles should be immediately reported to local law enforcement and/or security personnel.

Security Planning Resources

This page features an archive of best practices from SCN, Synagogue Movements, Federations, Anti-Defamation League and others to provide you with the resource support for your security planning and to complement the SCN High Holy Days Security Planning Checklist - accessible by emailing SCN at scandesk@scnus.org. We also strongly recommend and encourage you to remain in close contact with local law enforcement authorities and to include them in your security planning.


Please ensure that your staff and volunteers visit the SCN Homeland Security and Preparedness Training Center, which is a comprehensive online eLearning portal dedicated to training, video education, and other interactive content related to homeland security and safety.


We wish all a safe, secure and joyous holiday season. For additional information, please contact SCN at 212-284-6940 or ScanDesk@scnus.org  or through our website at www.scnus.org.

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