Increased Security During Elevated Times of Antisemitism

By Michael Shanbrom

The recent Hamas terror attacks against Israel have understandably heightened safety and security concerns within the Greater New Haven Jewish community. Since the attack on October 7, 2023, we have witnessed a dramatic rise in antisemitic incidents across the United States as well as across the State of Connecticut. 

The Secure Community Network (SCN), through its partnership with the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, has been working around the clock, monitoring area Jewish institutions and online threats with the aim of ensuring that members of the Jewish community of Greater New Haven can continue to live openly as Jews, free from fear, violence, and intimidation. We must not allow terrorism to rob us of our continued right to a Jewish life.

In order to ensure our continued safety and resiliency, Jewish community organizations across Greater New Haven have increased security measures, updated security policies, and conducted security drills to ensure readiness. But that is not enough, and we all have an individual role to play in keeping the greater community safe. Each of us must contribute to our community’s safety by adhering to the following security protocols:

• BE AWARE: Increase your situational awareness within your surroundings so that you can detect any potential threat early and minimize the likelihood of harm.

• PLAN AHEAD: Know what you would do and where you would go if an attack were to happen at home, at work, the JCC or at your synagogue.

• TAKE ACTION: If you detect a threat, commit to action and evade or minimize harm using ‘Run, Hide, Fight’; action saves lives. Help others when it is safe to do so.

• SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING: When something does happen, pay close attention to the perpetrator and his actions and notify 911. If you’re not sure whether something constitutes a threat, err on the side of caution and say something. 

SCN currently recommends that Jewish institutions in our area remain open, absent specific threats or direction to the contrary from law enforcement. 

For additional Jewish Community security resources, and to report an incident, please visit


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