FAMILY 9:  Daphne Geismar, a leader of JCARR’s Employment Task Force, shared this happy story:

“Today was Feras’ first day on the job as a Crossing Guard at East Rock School.  This morning was incredible! Parents, teachers, and the principal set up a table with balloons, coffee, donuts, and welcome signs (in English and Arabic) for Feras. Many parents introduced themselves and told Feras how happy they are that he will be working there. The principal invited any student from the school to be part of a greeting line — about 100 students showed up! The first was an Arabic speaker; he said some welcoming words to Feras in Arabic. 

The neighborhood Alder, Caroline Tanbee-Smith, came to say hello and welcome Feras. And Carla Maitland, the New Haven Crossing Guard Supervisor, also came out this morning. 

The warmth, kindness, thanks, and heartfelt welcome made this such a happy morning. On the way home Feras said, "JCARR is my second family and East Rock School is my third family." 

Tom Breen of the New Haven Independent interviewed Feras:  You can read his article and see the photos at this link.

MORE HAPPY NEWS: the family’s baby boy had his first birthday on March 14, and evidently decided then he was ready to walk.  The photo shows his utter delight at practicing his new-found skill!


Family 4 would like a cabinet for their coffee cups, etc. See photo of what they hope to receive.  If you can donate a cabinet like this, please contact jillwurcel53@comcast.net or rnobleman@snet.net

Family 5 needs a food storage cabinet. Metal might be better than wood, but anything is fine.  If you can help, please contact Barbara Klein at bklein5987@aol.com


We have marked down the prices on our remaining JCARR greeting cards made by children in JCARR families and our synagogue religious schools.  You can now get one card for $ 3.00, 5 or more cards for $ 2.50 each, or packets of 8 cards for $ 20.  To purchase cards, contact Jean Silk at jsilk@jewishnewhaven.org or Lina Lawall at lalawall250@gmail.com.


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We greatly appreciate your generous donations!  Your support enables us to do what we do, help refugees access and navigate the resources that will empower them to build their lives in our community.

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