JCARR NEWS – December 22, 2023

Updates regarding Family 9
This close-knit family of seven loves taking walks together and exploring their neighborhood. The Bradley Street Bicycle Coop generously donated new bicycles to the three children who wanted bikes. Now, they delightedly ride all over their neighborhood (always wearing their helmets)! The two teens even help their parents by riding their bikes to Stop & Shop to get groceries. The nearby bike path is a favorite destination. Some walk, some push the baby in his stroller, and some ride their bikes -- the youngest daughter rides her bike with abandon! Safa sent her thanks and her love to BSBC!


Family 5 girls enjoyed a cookie-baking bonanza!
Whether it’s a rainy-day activity or a holiday tradition, baking cookies is always fun. The girls from Family 5 recently hada great time making cookies of all different designs.


JCARR Families do have some needs and wants

Family 9
Marwa would love to get some 4-wheel roller skates: Size 8.5 or 9 (Marwa didn't want a bike)
A sewing machine for teenager Nagham (she loves to sew)
Yard debris bags for the dad, who is keeping their yard very tidy!
An indoor/outdoor toddler swing with a stand for baby Ahmed
If you can donate any of these, please contact Darcy Bearman at darcy4prez@hotmail.com or Carmi Kosztolitz at carmikos@gmail.com.

Family 5
They have asked us to seek a desktop computer for them. The desktop computer will primarily be used by Carlota and her sisters to do homework. If you can donate one, please contact Kate Ezra at ezra.kate@icloud.com.

JCARR is seeking conversation partners for Family 4
Family 4 is a couple of senior citizens from Iraq who have been here since 2019. Their designated Family Partners in JCARR visit them often and assist with the issues for which they request assistance. Overall, they are quite independent and are good self-advocates. We do believe, though, that they would benefit from a relationship with a conversation partner or two to offer some different types of socialization. If you’d be interested in exploring this, we'd be happy to meet with you to explore ideas and bring you to visit this lovely couple. You may contact Sue Millen at smillen179@sbcglobal.net or True Wolff truefezerwolff@gmail.com.

As 2023 draws to an end, we hope you will remember JCARR with your contributions: To make an online donation, go to: https://jewishnewhaven.org/refugee-resettlement/give. Or, send checks payable to The Jewish Federation, with JCARR in the memo line, to The Jewish Federation, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge, 06525. Attention: Jennifer Zuppe. All donations go directly into JCARR's bank account.

We greatly appreciate your generous donations! Your support enables us to do what we do, help refugees access and navigate the resources that will empower them to build their lives in our community.

For information contact Jean Silk, Coordinator, JCARR at jsilk@jewishnewhaven.org.

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