Just a few weeks ago, I wrote, “There are currently more than 80 million displaced people in the world today”  that number has grown exponentially, as close to 4 million Ukrainian refugees have added to that number  Many Ukrainians are finding refuge in their neighboring countries hoping that before long they will be able to return to  their native land.  There is an incredible demand for and strain on the resources of those countries.  


In response to the humanitarian crisis, the Biden Administration announced,

“The United States is proud to be the largest single donor of humanitarian, democracy and human rights assistance to Ukraine, working closely with our European partners.  We remain committed to ensure those affected by President Putin’s war of aggression, especially vulnerable populations…are able to access food, clean water, shelter and medical care.  In addition to assisting people in need within Ukraine, we are supporting the efforts of Ukraine’s neighbors and the European Union to welcome and host millions of refugees.  And we will do our part to welcome Ukrainians to the United States.


Today the United States is announcing that we are prepared to provide more than $1 billion in new funding toward humanitarian assistance for those affected by Russia’s war in Ukraine and it severe impacts around the world...  


“…(T)oday the United States is announcing plans to welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression through the full range of legal pathways, including the U. S. Refugees Admissions programs. In particular we are working to expand and develop new programs with a focus on welcoming Ukrainians who have family members in the United States.”

The full announcement can be accessed at whitehouse.gov.  Fact Sheet: The Biden Administration Announces New Humanitarian Development, and Democracy Assistance to Ukraine and the Surrounding Region. 




(Hartford, CT) – Members of the Connecticut Congressional Delegation, Governor Ned Lamont, members of Connecticut’s Ukrainian community, and local refugee organizations praised the announcement by President Joe Biden that the United States will welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians that have fled their homeland as a result of Putin’s invasion.

(Remarks have been edited for the sake of space.)


“I applaud President Biden’s announcement that the United States will welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Having recently visited the Poland/Ukraine border with a number of colleagues on a bipartisan trip, I saw women and children fleeing the horror and terror that Putin has caused. I continue to support increased humanitarian aid and provision of lethal arms to end this conflict as quickly as possible. … said U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal.

“I am glad to see the Biden administration announce today that the U.S. will welcome 100,000 Ukrainians. This is a step in the right direction, but we not only need to do more to make sure that Ukrainians fleeing violence are safe and protected, we must also increase the number of refugees we are admitting from all over the globe. Immigrants and refugees make our community stronger. Connecticut stands ready to do our part to help these refugees,” said U.S. Senator Chris Murphy.

“Connecticut has a proud history of welcoming those in need, and we will welcome with open arms those Ukrainians seeking refuge from the death and destruction caused by the unjustified and unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine. We have welcomed those from Syria and Afghanistan in recent years, and we will spare no effort in the preparation for the arrival of those from Ukraine. We will do everything in our power in the state government to ensure the needs of families making their way to Connecticut from Ukraine have the resources they need and the support necessary to provide for a smooth transition,” said Governor Ned Lamont.

…I applaud President Biden’s announcement that the United States is going to welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees and is allocating an additional $1 billion in humanitarian assistance. We in Connecticut stand ready to aid them,” said U.S. Representative John B. Larson.

“President Biden’s decision is welcome news for Connecticut’s Second District which has a vibrant Ukrainian American populace who, along with their neighbors, will welcome innocent civilians seeking safe refuge from Putin’s war machine….” said U.S. Representative Joe Courtney.

“I applaud President Biden for today’s announced plans for the United States to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees, as well as others fleeing Russia’s malicious aggression. More than 3.5 million refugees have now fled Ukraine since Russia’s unwarranted invasion—the largest number and fastest since World War II…. I will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people. The United States has a moral responsibility to do the right thing and provide a safe haven for these families,” said U.S. Representative Rosa DeLauro.


“Each day Putin grows more savage in his attacks on Ukraine. More than 10 million Ukrainians have fled their homes as the Russians indiscriminately attack innocents.  That is why President Biden’s decision to accept 100,000 Ukrainian refugees comes with not a moment to spare. … Connecticut has been and will continue to be a place that accepts refugees fleeing war and persecution with open arms,” said U.S. Representative Jim Himes.   

“More than 3 million refugees have already fled their homes in Ukraine, and 4 million more are expected to seek safety as the Russian invasion continues. This is not Ukraine’s problem-this is a humanitarian crisis that demands a global response. The actions of the United States and the international community send a clear message of support,” said U.S. Representative Jahana Hayes.

“We are glad that the United States of America will welcome up to 100,000 refugees from Ukraine.  We continue to pray for peace and an end to the war,” said Myron Kolinsky, Organizational Director of the Ukrainian National Home of Hartford.

“Our heartfelt thanks to President Biden for this larger than expected humanitarian gesture. These refugees are innocent victims of Russia’s war on Ukraine and its people….,” said Myron Melnyk, member of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America.

“IRIS applauds the White House announcement to resettle 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. We urge the United States Government to extend a similar offer of welcome to all those who have been forced to flee their home countries regardless of nationality, religion, or race. With the help of our generous community, IRIS stands ready to welcome Ukrainians as we have welcomed Afghans, Syrians, Congolese and others who have fled persecution and war,” said Chris George, Executive Director of IRIS – Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services.

“We are heartened by President Biden’s commitment to resettle 100,000 Ukrainian refugees…  We urge the public to join us in supporting our current and welcoming our new neighbors,” said Susan Schnitzer, President and CEO of Connecticut Institute for Refugees and Immigrants.



JCARR’s voice joins those supporting and praising these measures. We stand ready to help Ukrainian refugees just as we have assisted refugees from the Democratic  Republic of Congo, Syria, Iraq, Angola and Afghanistan.  Refugee Resettlement is a slow process. Watch for updates and announcements from JCARR. As always, we appreciate your support, particularly now as we actively assist an Afghan family and consider how best to help with the Ukrainian crisis.  




Despite the devastation of war, life goes on.  For family 5 this means welcoming a new life. We are all anticipating the arrival of Ruth and Mario's baby.  The due date is rapidly approaching.  If you would like to help them  prepare to welcome their newest arrival, there is a registry onthe TARGET website.  Here is the information to give a gift.

Registry: target.com

My Store: North Haven

Name: Ruth Kioni

Birth date April 1, 2022


Family 7 still needs some items. To assist them, please click on this link. 

https://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080B4BACA72DA3F94-family2. Please be sure to scroll all the way to the end of the list where the information for submitting your selections will appear. After signing up to fill a need, please email Kris Oser at krisoser@gmail.com to let her know what you will be donating. She will respond with delivery information. Thank you for your kindness. 



To make a contribution online go to https://jewishnewhaven.org/refugee-resettlement/give. Or send checks, payable to The Jewish Federation, with JCARR in the memo line, to The Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, 360 Amity Road, Woodbridge, 06525. We greatly appreciate your support!

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