JCARR update: News from Family #2

JCARR was established in 2015 by five area synagogues and the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, which came together to welcome, sponsor and support refugee families new to our area. Since December 2015, JCARR has welcomed four refugee families as a co-sponsor of IRIS (Integrated Refugee & Immigration Services). This update is from family #2, a family of five who came from Jordan and Syria in Novemner of 2016 (it happened to be election night). To read more stories about this family, please use the "family #2" tag on the right.



Dad was relieved as well as proud to announce that he passed the Math test for the GED with a high score; he has also passed the Social Studies test!  This is a huge accomplishment!

Dad will have surgery on his back next week.  The family will need some extra help from JCARR during his recuperation period, particularly with transportation, maybe running some errands, taking the kids on outings, helping them get ready for school. 

The children have enjoyed attending JCC summer camp this summer!

The children are trying to earn their own spending money.  Amal collects bottles for recycling; with the money she earns when she redeems the bottles, she buys art supplies.
Faisal enjoys pet-sitting.  If you could use someone to feed and play with your pets while you’re away, or maybe to walk your dog and give you a break, get in touch with Faisal!

(To make arrangements for either child, it’s best to contact Dad at issahmod999@gmail.com)




It’s back-so-school season and like kids everywhere, the children in JCARR families have grown.  They need school supplies, school uniforms, and some new school clothes!  You can help by contributing gift cards to Target, Walmart, or Staples.  You may give cards to Jean Silk or the JCARR Team Leader at  your synagogue; or you can make a donation to JCARR by following this link.



One of our most active volunteers threw herself a birthday party and asked guests to make donations to JCARR in lieu of giving her gifts.  The event was a great success – as a fundraiser and as a super fun party!  Here are a few photos of the event!

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