JCC & Chapel Haven share art

The Hoos Family Art Gallery of the JCC of Greater New Haven has partnered with Chapel Haven Schleifer Center (CHSC) to present “Awareness: Life As We See It Through a Neurodiverse Lens,” an art show honoring February as Disabilities Awareness Month.

Original works of art by CHSC artists — including John Orr, Chris Murray, Zachary Spielman and David Hogin — will be on exhibit at the JCC at 360 Amity Road in Woodbridge. The exhibit will also feature many collaborative pieces done by participants in Chapel Haven’s Tina’s Out to Art classes. “I have always believed that we are all artists within, says CHSC Art Director Tina Minchetti. “Given the tools, support, inspiration and comfortable environment, most will flourish and happily create. I remind my students that it is not the product but the process, the journey not the destination.”

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