JCC Disappointed with the Woodbridge Zoning Committee’s Decision

The JCC of Greater New Haven is disappointed with the decision of the Woodbridge Zoning Committee to partially grant its petition for extended use of its outdoor pool area. The committee approved extension of the hours on weekdays only. Stipulations to the permit include building a fence that is 10’ tall and planting vegetation that is 5’ tall, making it impractical for the JCC to take advantage of the extended hours. 

“The decision by the zoning committee reminds me of the Judgment of Solomon, only in our version of the story the baby is actually cut in half and nobody wins. Requiring the JCC to invest in sound barriers without allowing us to recoup the investment through weekend use is a lost opportunity for both sides. The neighbors lose the opportunity for improved sound barriers and the JCC loses the opportunity to open its pool to its members” Said Shelley Gans, Director of the JCC of Greater New Haven.

“The JCC serves more than 20,000 people in the Greater New Haven area. It is a special place for people of all faiths and backgrounds to join together, acquire knowledge, learn new skills, improve their health, and share quality time with family and friends. The JCC will continue to provide outstanding programs and high quality services to our many constituencies, leveraging our beautiful facility and collaborating with community partners” Says Judy Diamondstein, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater New Haven, the umbrella organization for the JCC of Greater New Haven.  “Disappointed as we are with the decision of the Town’s Zoning Committee, we appreciate the thoughtful consideration of our request and thank all the parties involved” Says Gans.

As the JCC considers the full implications of the modified permit, JCC Summer Day Camps will continue offering usage in and around the outdoor pool as it has been, under the current permit.     


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