JCC's New Makerspace Fosters Creativity

By Jeannette Brodeur

SNH Editor

A brand new, state-of-the-art collaborative makerspace is being created within the Jewish Community Center as a springboard to encourage people of all ages to make, learn, play, explore, invent and share projects and ideas to foster creativity.

Makerspaces are for everyone, from children to adults. It is a space for tinkering, discovering and learning.

Construction is underway for all of the components for the space, including work stations, work benches and seating.

The JCC’s new makerspace area will feature both “clean” and “messy” areas to accommodate a wide range of activities including woodworking, ceramics, computer programming, internet classes and sewing. The area will allow makers to create projects that they couldn’t do at home.

In addition to open-studio time, there will be classes offered in the space throughout the year.

The interdisciplinary makerspace will merge Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) to spark learning and foster self expression.

Makerspaces can help develop critical thinking skills and boost self confidence. These creative areas can also foster entrepreneurship.

Makerspaces are even being utilized all over the world as incubators and accelerators for business startups. They act as a platform for innovation and invention.


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