Jewish High School of Connecticut: Developing Future Philanthropists

The Jewish High School of Connecticut ran its first social media based fundraising campaign on Dec. 7, 2016. In 24 hours, the students, faculty, parents, trustees and friends of JHSC raised $386,000. Some of the funds will be used to support scholarship programs and some for new initiatives.

“What made this campaign so unique was how involved and enthusiastic our students were in participating in this event,” said Rabbi Elisha Paul, JHSC Head of School. “Of course, social media is their milieu. But, there was something greater going on – it was the sense that we are all in this together.”

Many students developed and actualized their latent potential for communal service as the campaign progressed. “I loved being able to help in my own way. I am so appreciative of this school and this community – and it was a great way to give back,” said freshman Jakob Okun. “We had fun with it. But the campaign gave us an opportunity to share with others what is happening at JHSC. In a small way we were able to give back to the school and show our appreciation for everything that is done for us,” said Alex Frenzel, student council president and JHSC senior.


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