Jewish High School of Southern Connecticut Remembers Parkland

As students around the country participated in organized school walkouts, in response to the recent events in Parkland, Florida, the Jewish High School of Connecticut provided students with options. They could participate in a student-led and programmed walkout, they could participate in a school programmed memorial service, or they could find their own space to be or not be involved. All programming was crafted to fit within a 17- minute window, allowing the memory of the students lost in Parkland to be the main focus. The walkout, included a recitation of the students’ names. JHSC Junior, Celia Rosen, noted, “as I stood outside my school on March 14, I was not just protesting a country that continues to tune out the pleas of its people to reform, the cries of families who have lost loved ones far too soon; I was there standing with a Jewish community mourning the loss of their own.”


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