JHSC Students Create a Banner for Shabbat Across Stamford

As the saying goes, “More than Jews keep Shabbat, Shabbat keeps the Jews.”

On March 3, Stamford hosted its annual “Shabbat Across Stamford,” which celebrates the unity of Jews through the observance of Shabbat and the communal enjoyment of a Friday night meal. This year, the students who participate in the art Tefillah class at The Jewish High School of Connecticut were honored with the task of creating a banner for the occasion.

The student-made banner encapsulates the true essence of Shabbat as characterized and envisioned by the students. The students, with the guidance of their teacher Morah Chana Stein, cut, glittered, glued and drew the setting of a Shabbat table, highlighting the traditional blessing of the children. The students decided to depict this scene, as it showcases the importance of family, education and youth when observing Shabbat.

While the banner is a beautiful artifact, the truly special outcome of this project was the unity displayed by students from a variety of backgrounds expressing the theme of Shabbat together. These students come from all walks of the community and reflect the idea of what Shabbat across Stamford stands for. Conversations and connections about Shabbat are something that is very special about the “Shabbat Across America” experience as people come together to break bread as a unified community celebrating Shabbat.


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