JHSC Welcomes Largest Ninth-Grade Class Since Opening

This year, the Jewish High School of Connecticut (JHSC) welcomes the largest ninth-grade class since the school opened in 2010. More than 25 students will join their upper classmen for the fall semester of 2017.

“The community has started to realize the phenomenal opportunities that JHSC offers, and this class is a reflection of the success of our graduates as well as the reputation of our academics,” said Rabbi Elisha Paul, Head of School.

JHSC offers a unique approach to education that inspires and caters to each student’s individual skills, passions and aspirations. The school, located in a science and technology building, creates a “Google-like environment.”

JHSC is a community Jewish High School, serving students from grades 9-12. Students hail from a large swath of Connecticut and New York.

For more about JHSC, call (203)957-0850, or go to jhsct.org. 


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